Acapulco is a city that I had put off visiting due to the strong warnings about crime. But after visiting many other beach cities in Mexico, I was still very curious to visit the famous coast of Acapulco, which was a playground for beach and sun lovers from around the world in the 1960s and 1970s. Going to Acapulco turned out to be an awesome trip, and a big part of the reason it was so fun was because of the Boca Chica Hotel.

The Boca Chica Hotel is a vintage hotel from the 1950s that, like many midcentury buildings, has a certain flair that new boutique hotels can’t match. I don’t know how they did it back then, but there’s just something better about midcentury buildings’ architectural details. From the rock faced walls to the tiered patios and curving steps, the Boca Chica feels like inhabiting some sort of glamorous beach mansion in a different era.

Due to SPG Platinum status I was given a La Roqueta Suite, which has large louvered doors on two sides of the room that allow you to have nearly 180 views of Acapulco Bay. The interior design of the room is somewhat minimalist in a Hemingway-like way, with rattan chairs, a desk, a bed, and a small standing closet for your clothes. But the true luxury of this room and the hotel is the amazing ocean breezes and unbelievable views.


Minimalist midcentury luxury in the La Roqueta Suite.


Private balcony that adjoins the La Roqueta Suite.

Below the hotel building there is a lovely pool and various tiered patios with seating and umbrellas so you can pick just the right spot to take in views.IMG_1579

The restaurant on property serves tasty food that is a mix of Japanese and Mexican styles of cuisine. I am not usually a fan of fusion cuisine but everything I tasted was of good quality. Service can be slow at the restaurant, which is the only downside of this property.


View from La Roqueta Suite balcony onto the hotel restaurant/bar and pool.

The spa occupies several floors of the hotel facing the channel that leads out to sea. When I visited, the tubs were cold– not sure if that’s intentional or they don’t heat the hot tubs all the time. It would have been nice to enjoy a hot soak. I enjoyed a facial treatment in the spa that was quite comprehensive in terms of extractions, though it was a bit light on the other elements of a facial.

There’s a little cove at the base of the hotel where you can jump into the water and go for a swim. There are lots of rocks so if you have water shoes this is a good place to bring them.

Just a few minutes walk from the hotel is a beach with many food stands and restaurants. The area is patrolled by military officers and I didn’t feel unsafe there, though it did seem like the kind of place where you want to keep a careful eye out to your surroundings. Great seafood and cocktails can be enjoyed at the sit-down restaurants on this strip– and many of them let you sit out at a table on the sand!


Casual beach restaurants like this line the beach next to the Boca Chica Hotel.

All in all I would say that Acapulco is a much more interesting and enjoyable place than it gets press for lately. Pack your beachwear and sunscreen, and if you are a fan of midcentury modern architecture head for the Boca Chica Hotel. With the affordable prices and ease of enjoyment at the Boca Chica, it’s hard to go wrong.




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