I never thought I’d feel inspired to blog about the Fairfield Inn & Suites brand of hotels but here we are. Fairfield Inn & Suites are part of the Marriott family and occupy a niche in the market that is akin to Hyatt Place: limited service hotels for guests who are looking for efficiency and value over amenities. If you compare Fairfield Inns to most Hyatt Places, however, the newly renovated Fairfield Inns knock it out of the park when it comes to comfort and style.

As I blogged about in another post, unlike the new Fairfield Inns Hyatt Place has a strange aesthetic, with lots of browns and greens like something out of the 1990s. I even talked with a Hyatt Place front desk person once about how the murky color scheme seems almost intentional, as a way to down-brand the hotel as a value hotel rather than a luxury one.


Fortunately, Fairfield Inn & Suites don’t seem to be trying as hard as Hyatt Place to remain low-end in feeling. The new color and design scheme of Fairfield Inn & Suites, which I have experienced at newly built Fairfields in Las Vegas and Joshua Tree, punches way above its two-star class. The midcentury-inspired blue carpet is bright and fresh, the white bedspreads and curtains are crisp, and the wood-look furniture is sleek and functional. Even the bathrooms feel larger and sleeker than the normal two-star hotel bath. And the suites at Fairfield Inn & Suites come with a pleasant, midcentury-styled couch, coffee table, desk set, and two televisions, making the suite feel as comfortable as a small apartment.

It appears that Fairfield is rolling out the same design to many of the newly built Fairfields, so you should be able to find this type of room or similar across the country. Based on the freshness of this look, I am likely to choose Fairfields over Hampton Inns and Hyatt Places whenever there is the option.


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