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A True Meal in a Glass: Micheladas

If you are looking to get a lot for your money, traveling in Mexico is always a great choice. Not only can the lodging be very affordable and often very comfortable, but you can also enjoy really abundant meals for very little money. Just buying a taco or two often means getting all kinds of salsas and sides to go with your dishes. Eating … Read More A True Meal in a Glass: Micheladas


Kep, Cambodia

Prior to flying to Phnom Penh on a whim in 2016, I had no idea how interesting the coastal cities of Cambodia are. From Phnom Penh, you can catch a van that will take you to the coast. The first major destination from Phnom Penh is Kampot, which is a lovely river town with beautiful villas and cafes lining a wide river. The pepper … Read More Kep, Cambodia


Hyatt Regency Mexico City Review

Until very recently, Mexico City had a reputation for being extremely dangerous and not a place that the casual tourist would imagine visiting. I am glad that I took a chance and visited Mexico City, because the city itself is fantastic and much better than the reports would claim. Many people are starting to discover Mexico City as well: it is getting a well-deserved … Read More Hyatt Regency Mexico City Review

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